Do you know your locals?

I’m not talking about naming your local businesses in your area, I’m talking about knowing the faces, the families and the owners behind these local businesses.

I sat down this morning with a friend and local business owner for a coffee and a chat. It was such a simple everyday thing to do but over the course of our conversation which always covers off family, friends, business, mental health, how we are doing in general it got me thinking about the en vogue statement “support local” and what that actually means.

Yes we all say it and yes we often do it but do we know who we are supporting? Do we know our locals?

For example when you pop into Magnolia Kitchen did you know that it is run by a 38 year old married woman, mother of three, employer of 11, who lives and breathes Magnolia Kitchen, who loves having a business on the coast and being part of a close knit community.

Or did you know Hello Darling is run by Clare who is a Wife, Mother of four, Nannie of 6, and a truly passionate business owner. Clare hadn’t realised how important her business would be for the friendships that come from it and how community focused it would be. Clare is a local, she is your local and she is a great person to know.

It’s not just about supporting local its about knowing why you are supporting local, and the importance to these people the faces and real life humans that live for your support and live OFF your support.

I wanted to open this conversation because I know I am not the only local business owner who feels like this, who lives for their community, appreciates being seen and supported on a person to person level, who is thankful for every sale because it contributes to our families and our staff and their families and in turn we support and know our locals too.

Picture by another Local - Emily Chalk Photographer