Mini Cake - Allergy Friendly



Allergy friendly but you wouldn’t even know

Baked fresh on site at Magnolia Kitchen these mini cakes are the perfect size to satisfy your cake craving.

Topped with our delicious egg and dairy free Swiss meringue buttercream these are not to be missed 

While we do our best using “allergy friendly” tongs and utensils these tasty allergy friendly mini cakes may still contain allergens as they are made in a kitchen where these are present.

Basic mini cake ingredients: Magnolia Kitchen gluten free flour (rice flour, tapioca starch, corn maize starch, psyllium husk, guar gum), coconut milk, cider vinegar, baking soda, white/brown sugar, cocoa, vanilla extract, salt

Basic buttercream ingredients: olivani (butter substitute), chickpea brine, white sugar, salt, vanilla extract and seeds



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