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Crack-Aron Box

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  1. a macaron that has failed quality control, misshaped, cracked, damaged or undersized

  2. a small round cake with a meringue-like consistency, made with egg white, sugar, and powdered almonds and consisting of two halves sandwiching a creamy filling.

"I made macarons today and the weather was humid so they cracked now they are crack-arons"

Waste not want not....

Ever wanted to get your hands on Magnolia Kitchen macarons but havent yet made the flight/drive to our Auckland Sweet Cafe.

Well you can now get your hands on these "seconds" as part of our Outlet Store range

They may be cracked or imperfect but once in your mouth they are every bit as delicious as their perfect counterpart

Boxes contain 6 cracked or damaged macarons in various flavours

  • Flavours are subject to availability and can not be selected
  • Macarons are seconds and therefor already cracked, imperfect or damaged
  • Magnolia Kitchen takes no responsibility for any further damage or cracks that may occur during shipping
Weight 500 g


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