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Outlet Fudge - “Honey I fucked the Russian fudge”

Outlet Fudge - “Honey I fucked the Russian fudge”

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“Honey I fucked the fudge” sale


Our standard Russian fudge that I F’d up and is slightly more caramlized than our standard caramlization

Taste wise it still tastes as classic and deliciously creamy as our normal classic russian fudge only with a slightly deeper caramel taste

Recommended use 

  1. Just eat 
  2. Add to ice cream as a topping
  3. Mix through ice cream
  4. Add to hot chocolate 
  5. Layer between cake
  6. Bake in cake
  7. Add to cheesecake 
  8. Add to cookies 
  9. Did we mention JUST EAT

 Each pack is approx 250g of caramelized than normal f’d fudge


These are seconds, pieces are more caramalized in colour and flavour and not our usual standard - by purchasing you accept this