“Sharp as Shit” Scraper Seconds “Sharp as Shit” Scraper Seconds

“Sharp as Shit” Scraper Seconds



By purchasing this product you understand that you are purchasing a product that is a second, there may be small marks and imperfections on the acrylic surface. This in no way effects the quality of the scrapper as the sharp edge is not damaged.

Acrylic cake scrapers

Custom designed by Bernadette Gee of Magnolia Kitchen for achieving those infamous “Sharp as Shit” edges 


Sets available

– 1x 6 inch acrylic scraper

– 1x 9 inch acrylic scraper


Singles available

– 6 inch acrylic scraper

– 9 inch acrylic scraper


Bid Daddy available

– 12 inch acrylic scraper


For use with ganache and buttercreams on cake, dishwasher safe

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